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Invisalign For a Secretly Straighter Smile

Clear braces can be a great way to fix overbites, crowding and more.

Do you love your smile? If you answered “no”, what is it about your smile that you don’t like? If you hate that your smile is misaligned or crooked, then you may have been thinking about getting Invisalign for some time now; however, we understand that you may want to know more about this treatment before you take the plunge. Before turning to our Portland, OR, dentist Dr. AJ Azbari for Invisalign, here’s what you should know first about these clear braces.

It’s Ideal for Many Older Teens and Adults

First, it’s important to find out what Invisalign can and can’t do in order to decide whether this is truly the best way to straighten your smile. Invisalign treatment is ideal for those dealing with mild to moderate misalignments and malocclusions, also known as “bad bites”. Common types of malocclusions that Invisalign treats include overbites, underbites, crossbites and open bites.

If you only have a few teeth out of alignment, our Portland, OR, general dentist may be able to treat this problem in only a few short months with Invisalign.

You Must Wear Them All Day

As with any kind of dental treatment or appliance, it will take a week or two to get fully adjusted. Luckily, Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit over your teeth, providing a more comfortable fit than other types of braces.

In order to achieve the ideal results with your Invisalign, you’ll need to wear them as much as possible throughout the day (and while you sleep). You should aim to wear your aligners for 22 hours/day. You should only take your aligners off before eating or brushing and flossing your teeth.

Take Them Out Prior to Meals

While the key is to wear your aligners as much as possible in order to achieve results quickly, it’s important that you don’t wear your aligners while you eat. You should always remove them prior to eating or drinking. The only exception is that you can leave your aligners in while drinking water.

If you are going to drink hot beverages, keep in mind that the heat can warp your aligners. So, if you must have that morning cup of coffee or tea it’s important to remove your aligners first. Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth and rinse your aligners before putting them back in after mealtimes.

Clear braces have helped many teens and adults here in Portland, OR, get the smiles they want. If you’re ready to sit down with our family dentist to discuss Invisalign treatment, simply call Barnes Dental today at (503) 297-8866 to book your next visit.

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